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Inside The Romanian Athenaeum Bucharest: Tips for Visiting

Have you ever heard of the Romanian Athenaeum? Do you even know where is it? We are here to help you with that! This architectural masterpiece is more than just a concert hall; it's a symbol of Romania's rich musical heritage and a must-see for any visitor to Romania.

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Where is it?

The Athenaeum is located right in the heart of Bucharest, on Calea Victoriei, the city's main avenue. It's easily accessible and surrounded by other historical landmarks, making it a perfect stop on your Bucharest walking tour.

How To Get There?

Getting to the Athenaeum is a breeze. You can hop on the metro and get off at the Piata Romana station around 800 meters away. Alternatively, several bus lines stop nearby. 

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Opening Hours and Ticket Prices:

The Athenaeum is typically open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, but not continuously so it's always a good idea to check the official website for any updates or special events that might affect opening hours https://www.fge.org.ro/en/vizitareateteneu

The ticket price is just 10 lei, and the entrance is to the side.

What To See?

Inside this architectural marvel, you can see that The Athenaeum boasts a stunning neoclassical design, with a circular dome and a grand entranceway. Upon entering, you are mesmerized by the ornate details, from the Corinthian columns to the frescoed ceilings.

The centerpiece of the Athenaeum is, of course, the concert hall. With its horseshoe-shaped design and excellent acoustics, it's considered one of the best concert halls in Europe. Here, you might have the chance to catch a performance by the prestigious George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra, making your visit extra special.

Some words about its History:

The Athenaeum's story is fascinating. Built in the late 19th century, it was a symbol of national pride and a testament to Romania's growing cultural scene. It was designed by the French architect Albert Galleron and funded through a public subscription campaign, with Romanians from all walks of life contributing to its construction.

Over the years, the Athenaeum played a significant role in Romanian history, serving as a gathering place for important events and celebrations.

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