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Shocking new policy: Airline weighing passengers before boarding!

Discover how Korean Air's upcoming passenger weight measurement initiative, designed to comply with local regulations and ensure flight safety, aims to measure passenger weights for flight safety!

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Complying with Local Regulations

Korean Air will soon measure the average weight of passengers and their carry-on items for flight safety, in accordance with South Korean laws.

Weighing Procedures

From August 28 to September 6, airline employees will weigh passengers for domestic flights departing from Gimpo Airport in Seoul. Weighing will also take place at Incheon International Airport from September 8 to 19.

Data for Regulatory Compliance

Korean Air, along with other airlines in Korea, will provide data required by Korea's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) to update its "Aircraft Weight and Balance Management Standards." This data helps determine weight distribution on aeroplanes.

Anonymity and Passenger Choice

Passengers and their baggage will be weighed anonymously, and passengers can choose to opt out of stepping on the scale. The collected data will be utilized for survey purposes and will not result in additional charges for overweight passengers.

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