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Explore Malta's beauty! ☀️ Join us on a video tour of beaches, Valletta, Mdina & more!

All the secrets of Malta are revealed!

Here’s a Mediterranean walking tour on the Island of Malta, with summer music, under the warm, bright sun!

It’s a long but detailed video, split into four interesting parts, including captions and narration!

We will first take you from the serene St. George's Bay to the bustling Sliema Waterfront and all the stops in between!

Then join us on a captivating journey through the heart of Malta's vibrant capital - Valletta. We're about to unveil the secrets of this UNESCO World Heritage site that will leave you utterly mesmerised.

After that, we embark on an unforgettable journey through the charming streets of Birgu, Malta's hidden gem! In this captivating walking tour, we'll unveil the secrets and stories of Citta Vittoriosa.

We are also stepping into the enchanting realm of Mdina, often referred to as the "Silent City" and rightfully so. This medieval citadel is a treasure trove of history, mystery, and architectural wonders. Join us as we wander through its narrow cobblestone streets, uncovering tales from the past and soaking in the captivating ambience that makes Mdina and Malta a true gem of the Mediterranean!

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Each of the 4 different parts begins with a small segment of what you can see in the relevant area. We will only include some practical comments at the start of each segment and then let the music guide you! We have split this area in more segments as we move from area to area.

If you're interested in a specific section, feel free to skip ahead using the chapters we've created. This way, you can easily jump to the part you're most excited about.

St. George's Bay

🏖Our adventure begins at the breathtaking St. George's Bay. Feel the soft sand beneath your feet and the gentle sea breeze on your skin as you gaze out at the turquoise Mediterranean waters. This is where relaxation meets the captivating energy of Malta.

Saint Julian's Hotels

🏨 As we continue, you'll stroll past some of the finest hotels in Saint Julian's. The area's hospitality is renowned worldwide, offering luxurious accommodations with a perfect blend of modern amenities and Maltese charm.

Bay Street Shopping Complex
🛍Indulge your inner shopaholic at the Bay Street Shopping Complex! With an array of international brands and local boutiques, this is a shopper's paradise. Explore to your heart's content amidst a vibrant atmosphere that truly captures the spirit of Malta.

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Santa Rita Steps Bar Restaurants

🍽Ready for a culinary delight? The Santa Rita Steps are home to a collection of charming bars and restaurants. Take a break and savour mouthwatering Maltese and International cuisine while soaking in the inviting ambience of this spot.

Zaha Hadid Mercury Towers Condominium

🏙Admire architectural marvels like the Zaha Hadid Architects Mercury Towers Condominium. This futuristic masterpiece stands as a testament to Malta's evolving skyline, blending innovation and design seamlessly against the backdrop of the Mediterranean.

Spinola Bay

Spinola Bay invites you to immerse yourself in its captivating history. As you stroll along the waterfront promenade, don't forget to take a selfie before the LOVE sign!

🌅We then arrive at the enchanting Balluta Bay. The art nouveau architecture and the calming rhythm of the waves create an idyllic setting. As you can see, you can swim here in the warm months. There is usually a lifeguard on the small beach.

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We created this walking tour having you the viewer in mind.
As we walk in the area in real-time, this helps you see and understand how close or far away each point of interest is and this helps plan your trip better.

Let's keep going and discover more of the charm and excitement that this area has to offer. If you have any further questions or need more information, please let us know!

The Point Shopping Mall Sliema

🛒 Your journey takes you to The Point Shopping Mall in Sliema. Discover a blend of modernity and tradition, with a wide range of shops, eateries, and entertainment options.

Sliema Waterfront

🌊 Our final destination is the captivating Sliema Waterfront. Marvel at the elegant promenade, where you'll witness the confluence of old-world charm and contemporary flair. As the sun dips below the horizon, let the magical atmosphere of Sliema leave an indelible mark on your heart.

Discovering Valletta: A Captivating Daytime Walking Tour

Welcome, fellow travelers, to a journey of discovery through the enchanting streets of Valletta, Malta's historic capital city. In this immersive walking tour, we'll unravel the secrets of this UNESCO World Heritage site, as we meander through bustling streets, soak in the local atmosphere, and uncover the hidden gems that make Valletta truly one of a kind. So, lace up your walking shoes and join us on this unforgettable Valletta adventure!

The Heartbeat of Valletta:

Our Valletta walking tour kicks off in the heart of this charming city, where history and modernity seamlessly intertwine. As we step onto the main street, you'll be immersed in a symphony of sights and sounds that resonate through the bustling crowds. From lively markets to local artisans showcasing their crafts, this street is the vibrant pulse of Valletta.

A Shopper's Paradise:

Calling all shopping enthusiasts! Join us as we explore the myriad of shops lining the main street. From fashionable boutiques to quaint souvenirs, you'll find treasures that cater to every taste. Whether you're searching for that perfect keepsake or indulging in some retail therapy, Valletta's shops have something special in store for you.

Stepping Through Time:

Our journey takes us into a realm of history and architectural wonders. As you walk in the footsteps of generations past, take a moment to admire the grandeur of the city's design. The stories etched into the stone facades and narrow alleyways are a testament to Valletta's rich and fascinating history.

Now it’s a great time to talk more about the city’s rich history!

Early Inhabitants and The Knights of St. John

The area where Valletta sits today has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Arabs and the Normans all left their mark on the island before the arrival of the Knights Hospitaller, also known as the Knights of St. John, in 1530.

The Knights, a Catholic military order, were driven from their base in Rhodes by the Ottoman Empire. Holy Roman Emperor Charles V granted them the Maltese islands in exchange for an annual tribute.

The Great Siege of Malta and the Birth of Valletta

In 1565, the Ottomans launched a full-scale invasion of Malta in what became known as the Great Siege of Malta. After a grueling four months, the Knights, along with Maltese soldiers and citizens, managed to repel the invasion, marking a turning point in Ottoman expansion in the Mediterranean.

Following the victory, the Knights decided to build a new fortified city on the peninsula of Mount Sceberras, named after Grand Master Jean Parisot de Valette, who had led the defense. Designed by Italian military engineers, Valletta was constructed with a grid layout and impressive fortifications, making it a formidable defensive stronghold.

A Flourishing City and French Occupation

Over the next two centuries, Valletta flourished as the center of the Knights' power and influence. The city became a hub for trade and culture, attracting artists, architects, and scholars from across Europe.

However, by the late 18th century, the Knights' power had waned. In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Malta and expelled the Knights. French rule was short-lived, as the Maltese people rebelled with British assistance.

British Rule and World War II

The British took control of Malta in 1800 and transformed it into a crucial naval base. Valletta remained the capital city and continued to develop throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.

During World War II, Malta played a vital role in the Mediterranean theater. The strategically located island was heavily bombed by Axis forces, but it never surrendered.

Malta's Independence and Valletta Today

Malta gained independence from Britain in 1964 and Valletta remains the country's capital. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful architecture, rich history, and vibrant culture.

Today, Valletta is a living testament to Malta's long and fascinating history. The city's grand palaces, imposing fortifications, and ornate churches continue to attract visitors from all over the world.

Exploring Birgu: Walking Tour of Malta's Citta Vittoriosa

Step into history as we embark on an unforgettable journey through the charming streets of Birgu, Malta's hidden gem! In this captivating walking tour, we'll unveil the secrets and stories of Citta Vittoriosa, a city that has witnessed centuries of triumphs and trials. From its medieval architecture to stunning waterfront vistas, join us as we immerse ourselves in the rich tapestry of Birgu's past and present. Lace-up your walking shoes, adventurers, because this is a tour you won't want to miss!

A Glimpse into the Past

🏰 Our first stop takes us to the heart of Birgu's history. As we wander through the ancient cobblestone streets, you'll be transported back in time to the era of the Knights of St. John. Marvel at the well-preserved medieval architecture, where centuries-old facades stand as living testaments to the city's resilience. From the imposing Fort St. Angelo to the quaint alleyways, every corner exudes an enchanting blend of mystery and majesty.

Located on the southeastern shore of the Grand Harbour, Birgu is one of the Three Cities, along with Senglea and Cospicua, which played a prominent role in Malta's defense throughout the centuries.

History of Birgu

Birgu's strategic location made it a prime target for conquerors throughout history. The city was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th or 7th century BC and was known as Birkarqar. The Romans renamed it Vittoriosa, meaning "victorious," after their victory over the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War.

The city thrived under the rule of the Knights Hospitaller, who arrived in Malta in 1530. Birgu served as the Knights' headquarters until the construction of Valletta was completed in the late 16th century. The Knights left their mark on Birgu, building impressive fortifications and grand palaces.

Cultural Kaleidoscope

🎭 As we delve deeper into Birgu's labyrinthine streets, you'll discover a vibrant tapestry of cultures. From charming piazzas to cozy cafes, the city's cultural diversity is reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and local traditions. We'll highlight the influences left behind by the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, and Normans, all of which have contributed to the unique character of this remarkable city.

Birgu is a perfect destination for a day trip from Valletta. The town offers a unique blend of history, culture, and stunning harbor views, making it a must-visit for anyone exploring Malta. 

Welcome to a journey through time in the heart of Malta! We're stepping into the enchanting realm of Mdina, often referred to as the "Silent City" and rightfully so. This medieval citadel is a treasure trove of history, mystery, and architectural wonders. Join us as we wander through its narrow cobblestone streets, uncovering tales from the past and soaking in the captivating ambience that makes Mdina a true gem on this Mediterranean island.

The Origins of Mdina

Dating back over 4,000 years, Mdina's origins are shrouded in ancient history. It was originally settled by the Phoenicians and later transformed into a Roman stronghold. This fortress city has seen the rise and fall of civilizations, leaving behind a tapestry of cultures woven into its very stones.

The Silent City's Architecture

🏛️ Architectural Marvels

As you stroll through the labyrinthine streets of Mdina, you'll be awestruck by its exquisite architecture. The city's sandstone buildings, with their ornate balconies and intricately carved facades, reflect the influences of Gothic, Baroque, and Norman styles. Be sure to keep an eye out for the magnificent St. Paul's Cathedral, a masterpiece that took nearly three centuries to complete.

A Tale of Two Cities
🕊️ Mdina vs. Rabat: Don't be confused by the proximity of Rabat – it's like Mdina's sister city, closely intertwined yet distinct. While Mdina is known for its grandeur, Rabat offers a more down-to-earth charm. Together, they paint a picture of Malta's rich heritage, each complementing the other in a symphony of historical significance.

Game of Thrones Connection

Mdina in Pop Culture

Fans of the acclaimed TV series "Game of Thrones" might recognize Mdina as the filming location for King's Landing in the first season. The city's medieval ambience and timeless aura made it a perfect choice to bring the fictional world to life. Prepare to relive scenes from the show as we explore the very streets that once hosted the Iron Throne's political intrigues.

Mdina After Sunset

Nocturnal Magic

As the sun dips below the horizon, Mdina takes on a new enchantment. The city's golden-hued stones come alive under the soft glow of streetlights, casting an almost ethereal atmosphere.

Mdina Through Time

From medieval battles to earthquakes, Mdina has weathered numerous trials over the centuries. Yet, it remains standing as a testament to the resilience of Malta's people and their unwavering connection to their history. As we explore the city, let's reflect on the stories of survival that have shaped this captivating destination.

The Silent City's Resilience

🗝️ And there you have it, a captivating journey through the timeless streets of Mdina, the Silent City of Malta. We hope you've been transported through the ages, experiencing the echoes of the past and the whispers of its secrets.

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