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Greek City Nightlife Walking Tour: Thessaloniki At Dusk. Bars, Clubs & Tavernas You Can't Miss! πŸ‡¬πŸ‡· ✨

We are walking along Thessaloniki's city center to give you a very good idea about the Nightlife. As you will see, right after the sunset, we start from the main central square and then move to the most vibrant areas. We have divided the tour into nine sections so keep watching until the end when we reach the most famous area! Join us as we take a walking tour from Aristotelous Square to the bustling Ladadika district, exploring the cafes, bars, restaurants, and taverns that make Thessaloniki's Nightlife truly unforgettable.

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This walking tour is divided into concise and informative sections. If you're interested in a specific section, feel free to skip ahead using the chapters we've created. This way, you can easily jump right to the spot you can't wait to see!

Keep an eye on the lower third of the screen for the area names. That way, if you are visiting the city for a first time you can google the name of the area and find more information! Think of this video as your interactive map to Thessaloniki's nightlife! We'll guide you through each area, but feel free to explore further on your own! To keep things efficient, we won't be walking every single street.

Instead, we'll be showcasing the most interesting nightlife areas to make the most of your time, trying to keep the tour relatively short.

This historic city, Thessaloniki, Greece's vibrant and lively second city, comes alive with a nightlife scene that rivals any in Europe. From spring to fall, the weather is usually warm and ideal for sitting outdoors. Locals and tourists alike are settling in for a night of coffee, cocktails, or food and conversation. Some taverns, as you'll discover on this tour, even offer live music. Keep in mind that some clubs, particularly in Ladadika, tend to open later at night. We began this tour at dusk to capture the full spectrum of Thessaloniki's nightlife.

We have more walking tours in Thessaloniki and even aerial videos with practical info about what to visit in the city. For your convenience, we have created a relevant playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxRHhKvfPjpUWtFV8IjoofOrC-KHD_0zG

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