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Good Friday Epitaph Procession Greece, Thessaloniki 2024 Επιτάφιος Θεσσαλονίκη

The Epitaph procession in Thessaloniki, Greece on Good Friday is a moving and beautiful tradition. The procession takes place in the evening, after sunset, and winds its way through the streets of the city.

The centerpiece of the procession is the Epitaphios, a decorated bier that represents the body of Jesus Christ. The Epitaphios is usually adorned with flowers and candles, and it is carried on the shoulders of the faithful. People line the streets to watch the procession, and many will hold candles as well. The procession is accompanied by chanting and hymns, and it creates a very solemn and spiritual atmosphere.

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This year we witnessed the processions of five Epitaphs at the city center. The five Epitaphs converged at Aristotelous Square at about 9 pm on Good Friday. This initiative, organized by the Holy Metropolis of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki, aims to promote Thessaloniki as a religious tourism destination during the Easter holiday period. 

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