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Exploring Thessaloniki's Major Shopping Street Tsimiski! 1.6km of local & international brands await!

We are walking along Thessaloniki’s major shopping street, Tsimiski. It’s a full walking tour, recorded in real-time, in one take, without any cuts. It took us almost 23 minutes to walk this 1.6 km long distance. You can see all the major international but also local brands along the avenue. This is an one-way road starting from the premises of Thessaloniki’s International Fair and ending at Ladadika area. We decided to walk the other way round, from the end if you prefer, because this is the starting point for more tourists either driving west to the city or disembarking a cruise ship. For your convenience, we have divided the video into 11 parts, using as a pin point each major vertical road to Tsimiski. Along the way, we will also talk about the area’s Historical and Modern Day significance and all the attractions. 

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Tsimiski Street is a major avenue in Thessaloniki, the second-largest city in Greece. It starts from the area of the Thessaloniki International Fair grounds, between Aggelaki Street and Nikolaou Germanou Street, and ends at the crossroad with Ionos Dragoumi Street, on the western side of the city centre, where we are now.

Historical Significance

Tsimiski Street has a rich history. It was named after Ioannis Tsimiskis, a Byzantine Emperor known for his struggles against the Bulgarians. Prior to the Balkan Wars, it was known as The Second Parallel, counting from the seafront of the city. Unfortunately, the Great Fire of 1917 destroyed the avenue. Ernest Hebrard, a French architect, was assigned the redesign of Thessaloniki city centre after the fire that wrecked approximately 32% of Thessaloniki. 

Modern Day Significance

Today, Tsimiski Street is not just a thoroughfare; it's the heartbeat of the city center, famous for its bustling atmosphere, making it one of the busiest and most dynamic areas in Thessaloniki and Greece as a whole. At the heart of Tsimiski Street lies its intersection with Aristotelous Square, a meeting point for the people of Thessaloniki.

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Shopping Attractions

Tsimiski Street is a shopping paradise in Thessaloniki. It is home to hundreds of various fashion shops, boutiques, and high-end international department stores. The presence of global brands adds to the cosmopolitan atmosphere, drawing fashion enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike. Enhancing the commercial landscape of Tsimiski Street is the Plateia Center Mall, and Attica Department Store.

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Nearby Attractions

Located in Thessaloniki City Centre, Tsimiski Street is within a 15-minute walk of the White Tower of Thessaloniki, one of the city's most famous landmarks. This historical tower offers panoramic views of the city and is a must-visit for any tourist. Another nearby attraction is the Church of Saint Demetrius, where you can pay homage to Thessaloniki's patron saint, the Roman martyr Dimitrios, whose relics are held in this ancient church. This church is considered one of the most important in the city. 

Tsimiski Street is not just a thoroughfare; it's the heartbeat of the city center, famous for its bustling atmosphere, making it one of the busiest and most dynamic areas in Thessaloniki and Greece as a whole. Whether you're looking for a fun shopping spree, a cultural experience, or a tour around the beautiful Thessaloniki region, Tsimiski Street has something to offer.


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