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Cărturești Carusel: A breathtaking bookstore in Bucharest. Housed in a 19th-century building, it offers a unique reading and cultural experience.

Cărturești Carusel, also known as the Carousel of Light, is a stunning modern bookstore located in the heart of Bucharest, Romania. This architectural wonder is housed in a 19th-century building that has been transformed into a six-level bookstore, offering a unique reading and cultural experience. The bookstore is situated on Lipscani 55 Street in the old town of Bucharest.

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Features and Offerings

Cărturești Carusel is more than just a bookstore. It's a cultural hub that offers a space for reading, socializing, and artistic exploration. The bookstore is spread over six levels, covering a total area of 1000 square meters. It offers a wide range of books, gifts, and souvenirs for all ages. The atmosphere and vibe of the place are so captivating that you could easily spend many hours there. In addition to books, Cărturești Carusel also features a multimedia space in their basement, a modern art gallery on the first floor, and a bistro at the very top. The bookstore also hosts various cultural events such as readings, exhibitions, and concerts. It's a popular spot for photo shoots, making it an influencer's dream location. 

History and Restoration

The building that houses Cărturești Carusel has a rich history. It was originally built in 1860 as the Chrissoveloni Palace, home to a powerful family of bankers in Romania. The building was later used as a department store during the communist era, before standing neglected for almost a quarter of a century. It took 24 years of court battles, untangling bureaucratic loops, and finding the proper documents in archives before the building was finally acquired in 2007. It then underwent a remarkable transformation to become the Cărturești Carusel bookstore that stands today. 

Visiting Cărturești Carusel

Cărturești Carusel is open from 10 am to 10 pm every day of the week, and sometimes it's open until 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays. It's easy to visit if you're spending some time in the Old Town of Bucharest. The bookstore is located on Strada Lipscani, making it a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Bucharest. 

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