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Bucharest's Hanul lui Manuc: More than a restaurant! History, Food & Fun in One Place!

Hanul lui Manuc, an iconic destination in Bucharest, Romania, stands as a historical monument and vibrant hub for leisure activities. Originally constructed in 1808 by Emanuel Mrzaian, also known as Manuc Bei, it served as a caravanserai, providing shelter and amenities to travelers and merchants along their journeys.  Follow our presentation if you want to learn all about this historic inn that is more than a restaurant in the capital of Romania.

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By the mid-19th century, Manuc's Inn had become Bucharest's most important commercial complex. It housed 15 wholesalers, 23 retail stores, 107 office or living rooms, two receiving rooms, and a pub. It served as a bustling hub for trade and commerce in the city.

Today, it remains one of the few surviving caravanserais in Bucharest, nestled in the heart of the Old Town district.

The inn's rich history spans centuries, witnessing pivotal moments in Romanian and European history. Renowned as a gathering place for both foreign travelers and the Romanian elite, it hosted significant political discussions and events, including the Union of Romania with Transylvania and Bucovina.

After the Russo-Turkish War, Manuc moved with his family to the Hânceti estate, which made it difficult for him to fully benefit from the inn. Consequently, he decided to sell it.  
While retaining its essential structure, the inn has undergone several renovations over the years.
The most recent restoration took place in 2007.  Efforts have been made to restore it to its original purpose of being a great place for leisure and social gatherings.

Presently, it houses the esteemed Hanu' lui Manuc restaurant. Known for its traditional Romanian cuisine, the restaurant offers a dining experience that harks back to the ambiance of the past caravanserais, making it a must-visit attraction for tourists exploring the city.
Despite its tumultuous past, Hanu' lui Manuc stands today as a testament to Bucharest's history and a vibrant culinary destination, inviting visitors to savor its unique atmosphere and flavors.

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