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Discover Casa Battlo: costs, discounts, visiting hours, and highlights to maximize your experience!

You are planning a visit to Casa Battlo and we are going to help you make the most of it. In this video, you are going to learn: How much will it cost you? Are there any discounts? When can you visit? What is there to see? Stay tuned, as we're going to take a breathtaking journey to the heart of Barcelona, Spain, to explore a true architectural gem designed by Antoni Gaudi - the unparalleled Casa Batlló. Let's dive in and discover why this place is a must-visit on any Barcelona itinerary!

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Pinpointing Casa Batlló

Getting to Casa Batlló is a breeze. If you're using the metro, just hop off at Passeig de Gràcia station, literally just across! There is also a bus stop right outside. If you're already exploring the city center, it's just a pleasant walk away from other popular sites like Plaça de Catalunya and La Rambla.

When Casa Batlló Welcomes You

Casa Batlló is open 365 days a year, from 9 am to 10 pm, so you have ample time to explore this masterpiece. Be sure to check the website for any changes due to special events though! https://www.casabatllo.es/en/online-tickets/ Estimate that it will take you about 75 minutes to admire this UNESCO World Heritage Site! Also, the visit can be carried out in a wheelchair.


Your Ticket to Timeless Creativity

Ticket prices start at around 25 euros for a basic visit, but there are various options available. Usually, the last day access is at 6:15 PM but there are options for extra tickets with winter nighttime tours, or early morning tours with fewer visitors. Naturally, all these perks come at an extra cost! Entrance to children up to 12 years old is free. There is also a discount for Barcelona Card or Pass customers. Ticket prices at the counter have an increase of 4€ on all online prices.

Feast Your Eyes on Casa Batlló

There's so much to see at Casa Batlló! From the whimsical façade that changes colour depending on your angle and light, to the mesmerising Noble Floor where the Batlló family used to live, to the mythical Rooftop with its chimneys that look like medieval knights. Built between 1904 and 1906, Casa Batlló is a remodel of a previously built house. Its design is a stunning display of Gaudi's unparalleled imagination, with marine inspirations, organic shapes, and vibrant colours.

The Genius of Gaudi

The building is popularly known as Casa dels ossos (House of Bones) due to its bone-like, organic structure. Situated in the Eixample district, it is part of a series of houses designed by eminent Modernista architects from Barcelona.

As you have seen at the start of the video, the ground floor is particularly striking with intricate tracery, irregular oval windows, and fluid stone sculptures. Straight lines are a rarity in its design, and a significant portion of the façade is adorned with a vibrant mosaic of shattered ceramic tiles. The roof, shaped like an arch, is often compared to the spine of a dragon or dinosaur. A popular interpretation of the building suggests that the round feature on the left, culminating in a turret and cross at the top, symbolizes the lance of Saint George (Catalonia's patron saint,) embedded in the back of the dragon.

Embracing the New at Casa Batlló

While preserving its historic charm, Casa Batlló hasn't shied away from modern additions.

The augmented reality SmartGuide, for example, allows you to see how the Batlló family lived over a century ago. Plus, the exhibition 'Gaudi's Universe' offers a deeper insight into the mind of the genius.

This video was shot before the latest multimedia updates including the restoration of the Sky Garden.

Casa Batlló is a place where art, history, and innovation intertwine.

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