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ABBA - The Museum Guide Stockholm Sweden 4K

Did you know Sweden is famous for more than the Northern Lights and IKEA? It's also known for music that's captured the world's heart. Yes, we're talking about ABBA! Let's explore the ABBA museum in Stockholm together. It is a unique experience dedicated to their incredible success. It's a must-visit for fans and a great way to learn about the band's history and music. I'm your guide for today, and I'll be spilling all the deets on where it is, how to get there, ticket prices, opening hours, and what to see. Let's groove!


Locating the ABBA museum is a breeze. Situated in the heart of Stockholm on Djurgården Island, which hosts a plethora of esteemed museums and historical structures, the museum stands out in the Djurgården district. Recognizable by its iconic building adorned with larger-than-life images of Benny, Björn, Agnetha, and Anni-Frid – the fantastic foursome of ABBA – it acts as a pop music beacon, effortlessly guiding you to its doors.

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Reaching the museum is a piece of cake! Follow the local practice and catch tram number 7, or opt for a picturesque ferry journey directly to Djurgården. The port station is some meters away. Alternatively, you can easily access the island on foot or by bicycle. In general, if it's not cold, getting there is a breeze from the city centre, even if you choose a leisurely 25-minute walk. Simply input Djurgårdsvägen 68 into your GPS, and you're good to go. For an extra touch of excitement, consider taking a scenic boat trip from Slussen – it adds a delightful twist to your adventure.


The ABBA Museum unfolds the captivating tale of ABBA, spanning from their early days in Sweden to their meteoric rise and numerous triumphs. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Original costumes, gold records, and an array of memorabilia.

A hologram stage that lets you perform alongside the band.

Interactive exhibits for singing and dancing along to ABBA's timeless tunes.

A cozy recording room where you can lend your voice to some of their most iconic tracks.

But that's not all – the museum boasts a cafe/restaurant, a gift shop, and an ABBA-themed hotel.  Picture everything ABBA! From glittering costumes to gold records, immerse yourself in the glitz and glam that define this legendary group. Dive into interactive exhibits, dance virtually on stage, and even try on iconic ABBA outfits for that Instagram-worthy moment.


With a single ticket, you can dive into two extraordinary musical realms right here in Stockholm. In addition to exploring ABBA The Museum, you now have the opportunity to experience Avicii Experience, a unique tribute to the electronic dance music sensation, Avicii.

Together, these museums weave a vibrant tapestry showcasing Sweden's musical heritage – from the chart-topping pop anthems to the pulsating beats that have resonated worldwide.

 This combination ticket is available from October to March and costs about $37.

 If you wish, you can opt-in for a guided tour, or just an audioguide.

There is also a cinema showing a film about the band's 1979 tour to North America and Europe and other shows worldwide.


Admission for adults comes at 250 Swedish Krona, approximately $27. Children aged 7-15 enjoy a reduced rate of 95 Krona, while the little ones under 7 can groove to ABBA for free! Families can opt for a ticket available at the museum, and reservations by phone are also an option. A combo ticket including the Swedish Music Hall of Fame is worth considering. Here's a pro tip: booking online can save you some kronor.


Ensure your visit is well-planned! On weekdays, the museum opens its doors at 10 am and caters to ABBA enthusiasts until 6 pm. For those eyeing a weekend excursion, the museum extends its hours until 7 pm. Operating daily, the museum's opening hours fluctuate with the season and local holidays.

In the peak season (June to August), the museum operates from 9:00 to 19:00, with the final entry at 18:00.

Keep in mind that they may close a bit earlier on holidays, so plan your visit

That's all for today's journey. Whether you're an ABBA super-fan or just enamoured with Swedish culture, this museum surely hits the right notes.

You should expect a day filled with nostalgia, music, and maybe a few dance moves. If you've been, let us know your favorite part in the comments below.

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