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Bucharest Romania Travel Guide. Henri Coandă Airport Express Train To City Center Gara - Bucuresti Nord Station.

You have just landed in Bucharest and want to transfer from Henri Coandă Airport to the city center. Our video guide is here to help you! Taking the train is the fastest way! We'll provide guidance on the process, departure points, costs, and scheduling details! You can follow along with the narration or utilise subtitles if it aids your comprehension. To easily access specific sections of the video, just click on the corresponding tab located at the bottom of the screen.


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Where Is The Station
You can't miss the train station—seriously! Once you step out of the airport, boom! There's this huge sign and a cool glass ceiling right over the station. It's literally a short stroll away. Easy peasy. The station's called Aeroport Henri Coanda, and there are two train lanes. Just keep an eye out for where your ride's rolling in. Luckily, the folks around were helpful in pointing us in the right direction!

How Much Does It Cost
Now, before we dive into the deets, keep in mind that hopping on the bus could save you a few bucks—like less than a euro—but it's not the speed demon of the transportation game. The bus will munch up around 40 minutes, maybe more if traffic's playing games, hitting every stop along the way.
Here's where the train swoops in superhero style. Picture this: a swift 20-minute ride, only stopping at 2 or 3 spots. And the price tag? A cool euro. These numbers are kind of a rough conversion from the local Romanian currency to euros.
For your ticket on the next train, no need for detours. Just snag one directly in the wagon. Cash is king, but it has to be in the local currency. Card-carrying peeps, you're good too! The conductors have these fancy NFC machines. Swipe, and voila! They'll even print you a ticket right then and there!

Schedule And Final Destination
Alright, buckle up for this part! The ride clocks in at a cool 20 minutes, give or take 5. If you're the planning-ahead type, snag your ticket online or swing by the ticket office – your call.
Wanna claim a throne? You can reserve a seat for about an extra 40 cents, but honestly, it's a free-for-all.
Now, here's the sweet deal – trains are on the move 24/7, showing up roughly every 40 minutes. They've got options for the road warriors too, with weekly or monthly passes and some other day-specific magic. Check out the nitty-gritty on prices at the official website 
And guess what? Your final stop is the grand finale: Bucharest North, the main train station. 🚂💨
Alright, check it out – these coaches got your back with toilets and wall chargers onboard. But here's the scoop: no fancy USB plugs, just the good ol' wall sockets. So, bring your phone or tablet charger along for the ride if you're planning a power-up session!

Gara - Bucuresti Nord
This is the main train station, built between 1868—1872.  This place is decked out with all the goods – you've got your essential toilets, coffee joints, and even some international fast-food familiars for those cravings.
Now, the beauty of this spot? It's like a transport hub playground. Need to hop on the metro? Just stroll outside and hit up the metro entrance. The yellow line, M1, and the green line, M4, are your golden tickets right there. And oh, there's a super handy bus stop just hanging out outside too.

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