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Join us on an enthralling journey as we delve into the captivating history and opulence of the Christina O yacht and the enchanting Skorpios Island, formerly owned by the Onassis family. Prepare to take a step back in time and unearth the hidden narratives concealed within these iconic landmarks. Our voyage commences with the world-famous Christina O yacht.

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The Christina O Yacht, a vessel steeped in legend, was renowned for hosting the global elite. Originally a military ship, it was meticulously transformed into a lavish yacht by the Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis. Purchased by Onassis in the 1950s for a modest sum of $35,000, he invested a staggering $3.5 million in its restoration and outfitting, subsequently rechristening it "Christina" in honor of his only daughter. At an impressive length of 99.13 meters, as of 2022, it ranks as the 59th largest yacht in the world.

Throughout its storied history, this historic vessel welcomed an illustrious array of guests, including heads of state, monarchs, luminaries from the world of arts, and beloved celebrities such as Winston Churchill, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, the Rockefellers, Paul Getty, and the remarkable women in Aristotle Onassis's life, including Tina Livanou, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and Maria Callas.

More recently, the Christina O yacht regained the spotlight as Angelina Jolie filmed a movie in which she portrayed the famous soprano. The renowned actress even opted to stay aboard this iconic vessel. Currently, the yacht is owned by Irishman Ivor Fitzpatrick, and for those with a taste for luxury, it's available for rent at the exclusive rate of only 700,000 euros per week.

Now let’s sale to Skorpios Island, a former Onassis family retreat and unveil the secrets of this pristine paradise that was once off-limits to the public.

Skorpios is a small, privately owned Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, near the larger island of Lefkada.

Skorpios was purchased by Aristotle Onassis in 1963. After his death in 1975, the island passed to his daughter, Christina Onassis. It has changed ownership several times since then.

Skorpios is known for its lush, natural landscapes, crystal-clear waters, and beautiful beaches.

Over the years, Skorpios has hosted notable figures, including politicians, celebrities, and members of royal families.

Access to the island has been restricted, making it a mystery to the general public.

Skorpios Island has changed hands multiple times since Aristotle Onassis's passing. It was briefly owned by Athina Onassis, his granddaughter, before being sold to a Russian billionaire, Ekaterina Rybolovleva.

While Skorpios remains privately owned and inaccessible to the public, it is possible to take boat tours around the island to admire its natural beauty and historical significance.

Skorpios Island continues to be a symbol of luxury, exclusivity, and the allure of the Greek islands. It holds a unique place in the history of the Onassis family and remains an enchanting part of the Ionian Sea. 

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