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Ferry to Zakynthos Island, using Levante Ferries: Guide to trip’s duration, online tickets and prices with narration, photos and text details.

We will guide you on how to get to the stunning Zakynthos Island from Kyllini Port using reliable and convenient Levante Ferries. What’s the trip’s duration? Can you bring your car? How about online tickets and prices?

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Zakynthos Island: A Brief Introduction 

Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is a picturesque Greek island located in the Ionian Sea. Famous for its crystal-clear turquoise waters, stunning beaches, and dramatic landscapes, Zakynthos attracts thousands of visitors each year. From the iconic Shipwreck Beach - Navagio, (
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to the mesmerizing Blue Caves, this island offers a myriad of natural wonders and cultural experiences.

Kyllini Port: The Gateway to Zakynthos

Kyllini Port is the closest mainland port to Zakynthos, making it the ideal starting point for your island adventure. Situated on the western coast of the Peloponnese peninsula, Kyllini Port provides easy access to Zakynthos with regular ferry services operated by Levante Ferries. There is a ticket office just before the port dock.

Trip Duration: A Smooth Sailing Experience

The ferry journey from Kyllini Port to Zakynthos typically takes around 1 hour and 15 minutes, providing a smooth and enjoyable sailing experience. During this time, you can relax, soak up the scenic views, and anticipate the wonders awaiting you on the island.

Levante Ferries Fleet: Comfortable and Reliable

Levante Ferries boasts a modern fleet of well-equipped vessels, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey to Zakynthos. Their ships are designed to provide a pleasant onboard experience, offering amenities such as spacious seating areas, clean restrooms, and refreshment options. The fleet ranges a length from almost 100 to 158 meters, with speeds ranging from 17 to 22 knots. Each ship can carry at least 1.000 passengers and 300 cars.

Car Transportation: Bringing Your Vehicle Along

If you plan to explore Zakynthos with your own vehicle, Levante Ferries allows you to bring your car onboard. This convenient option enables you to seamlessly continue your exploration of the island at your own pace. Please note that you can’t remain in your vehicle for the trip’s duration.

Outdoor Seating: Embrace the Sea Breeze

For those who prefer to enjoy the fresh sea air and panoramic views, Levante Ferries offers outdoor seating options. Whether you want to bask in the warm sunlight or capture stunning photos, sitting outdoors allows you to immerse yourself in the beauty of the Ionian Sea. If not, you can always seat inside, in the air-conditioned seats!

Zakynthos Port: Your Arrival Point

Upon reaching Zakynthos, the ferry will dock at the island's main port, located in Zakynthos Town. From here, you can easily access various parts of the island, including popular resorts, charming villages, and breathtaking attractions.

Online Ticketing: Convenient Booking Process

To make your journey even more convenient, Levante Ferries offers online ticketing services. You can secure your tickets in advance through their official website, saving you time and ensuring a smooth embarkation process.
To book your tickets online and find more information, visit Levante Ferries' official website: https://www.levanteferries.com/en/reservations/

At the time of compiling this guide, a single ticket cost 12.50 euros. Add 38.40 euros more for the car.
There are usually up to six boats per day. What’s important if you drive a car, is that you arrive earlier so you queue at the port in advance, prior to the ferry entrance.

Travelling to Zakynthos Island from Kyllini Port with Levante Ferries is a fantastic way to kick-start your exploration of this captivating Greek destination. With a short trip duration, comfortable ferries, the option to bring your car, and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor seating, Levante Ferries ensures a seamless and enjoyable journey. Don't forget to check out their official website for online ticketing and further details. We hope you have an incredible time on Zakynthos Island!

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