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Inside the Hungarian Parliament: A Tour of Hungary's Political Center

The Budapest Parliament, also known as the Hungarian Parliament Building - Országház, is a magnificent building located in the heart of Budapest, Hungary.  It is situated on Kossuth Square on the Pest side of the city, on the eastern bank of the Danube.

It is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, and one of the city's most iconic and recognizable landmarks.

The building was designed by Hungarian architect Imre Steindl in a Neo-Gothic style, and construction began in 1885. It took nearly 20 years to complete and was officially opened in 1902. The building is 268 meters long, 96 meters wide, and 96 meters tall, making it one of the largest buildings in Hungary.

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The exterior of the building is adorned with numerous spires, arches, and statues, including a massive dome that towers over the rest of the structure. The interior of the building is just as impressive, with grand staircases, intricate murals, and ornate details throughout.

The parliament is also largely symmetrical from the inside, with two identical parliament halls on the opposing sides of the building. One of the two halls is still in use today for sessions of the Hungarian National Assembly, and the other for ceremonies, conferences, and guided tours.

The Parliament is accessible with Line 2 of the Budapest Metro and with tram line 2, from the Kossuth Lajos Square station.

Visitors can take guided tours of the building to learn about its history, architecture, and significance to Hungarian culture and politics. The Budapest Parliament is also illuminated at night, providing a stunning backdrop for the city's evening skyline.

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