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The living heart of Milan! Duomo Square!

From the iconic Milanese Gothic Cathedral to the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele IIwe walked around the places to visit Piazza Duomo! Watch our video guide with infographics, learn all about it, and what to see around!

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Piazza del Duomo is the main square of Milan. You can get there with metro lines 1 & 3.

The square is about 17.000 m2, originally created in the 14th century, but has undergone many changes until very recently.

It was originally called Piazza dell’Arengo. Several taverns were demolished for the initial creation of the area.

The construction of Duomo Cathedral started in 1386 and ended in 1965 with the last major renovation completed in 2009.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II was built between 1865 and 1877, and named after the first king of the Kingdom of Italy.

Palazzo Reale, the Royal Palace of Milan, currently an exhibition area, was once the seat of government.

Palazzo dell’Arengario was completed in 1956. It currently is the home of the modern Museo del Novecento, inaugurated in 2010.

Palazzo Carminati, the one facing the Cathedral, was completed in 1867.


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