Skull and Bones! A church full of it! San Bernardino alle Ossa, Milan!

 We passed doors to the Ossuary. There’s a chapel decorated with human skulls and bones!

Watch our video guide with infographics, learn all about it, and what to see around!

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That’s a church in Milan, close to Duomo square, at Piazza Santo Stefano, usually open from 8 AM - 6 PM. (Sundays closed).

There’s no entrance fee, but we paid our tribute by lighting a couple of votive candles.

The side chapel is what interests you. You enter the ossuary and pass the door to the right.

It all started in 1210 when a room to house the bones was built. The current church was built in 1776.

The bones were moved from a nearby hospital and cemetery when they run out of space.

Do you believe the legend? On All Souls Day, November 02, a girl whose bones are at the altar comes to dance with the remaining skeletons!

La Capela dos Ossos is an ossuary in Evora that John V, King of Portugal copied when he visited Milan in 1728.

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Keep watching as we walk along the area and move to the main church.

Don’t visit if you are sensitive to the content, but do respect the religious area.

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