Milan Metro video guide with rich infographics!


We walked down Milano’s metro lines! Learn about the Milan metro underground transport info, schedules, ticket cost, future expansions and more!

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Read along with our video guide to learn about the schedules, the ticket cost, future expansions, and more!

Brief history: Initial plans from early 1914 to 1938 included the construction of seven lines.

Finally, in 1964 the first line opened with 21 stations, from Lotto to Sesto Marelli.

Nowadays, there are 5 lines operating with 106 stations and constant expansions.

All stations and some wagons have overhead screens with directions and arrival time estimates.

Usually, there are pre-recorded announcements of station names and exit directions both in Italian and English.  

A single ticket costs €2.20, is valid for 90 minutes, and combo for also tram, bus, trolley, and suburban lines.

There are options for 10 trip tickets, daily tickets, 3-day tickets, and weekly travel cards.

Contactless options are also available. You charge your bank card and tap on the designated area of the orange gates.

On weekdays, the service runs from 5:40 am to 0:30. It might differ on Saturdays and holidays.

The latest lines, 5 & 4, operate with driverless vehicles. Watch what this looks like in the middle of our video!

Line 5, not 4, is the latest one. Once completed, it will run from Linate airport to San Cristoforo FS.

Mobile phones operate underground, including LTE coverage, depending on the provider.

Consult the official metro page for the status of the trains and up to date info:

Many lines interconnect either to Duomo, or to Centrale, Garibaldi and Cadorna train stations.

Most lines have an average station distance of 0.7 km.

Keep watching for a unique view of the tunnels between stations when riding Line 4!


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