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Bestravelvideo Visit South Africa: Cape Town sightseeing with detailed info, in 4K


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Cape Town was founded in 1652. Population is estimated to over 4.700.000


The city covers an area of about 300 square kilometres.


Capetonian is the demonym that describes someone from Cape Town.


Afrikaans is the first language but many speak English, or both languages.


If you draw a theoretical line, Cape Town is almost at the same latitude with Sydney and Buenos Aires.


Summer lasts from December to March, with a maximum average temperature of 26 C.


Highest city temperature went as high as 45.2 C in January 2022.                                                                                                           


Metered taxis mostly drive only to the city bowl, the airport or the suburbs.


Keep watching to see: Table Mountain, V&A Waterfront, Seal & Harbour Cruise, Seal Island,

Camps Bay Beach,

Hout Bay Beach, Boulders, Penguin Colony, Aquila Safari, Two Oceans Aquarium


For current travel info and details visit: https://www.capetown.travel/


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