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Bestravelvideo Visit Greece: Ferry To Thassos island via Keramoti with detailed info, in 4K

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Visiting Thassos island and searching for Ferry to Thassos, routes and schedules?

This video will help you!


Read screen texts for detailed info, or just follow the transcript below:


Keramoti town is the closest port to Thassos island.


It takes about 35 minutes for the ships to cover the distance.


There is a free parking area to Keramoti, if you want to leave your car behind.


Sail from Kavala is longer (80 minutes) but you drive 40 km more, if approaching from Kavala to Keramoti.

Ships from Kavala head to Prinos Town.


Ships from Keramoti head to Limenas Town.


At summer there is a frequent service from sunrise to sunset.


Schedule is frequently updated online.



Weather at summer is usually fine but on winter there is a rare occasion sail is postponed due to rough seas.


Route is scenic and you can sit outdoors if you wish.


Up to the time of posting this, you can’t book a ticket online.


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