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Bestravelvideo Visit Hungary: Budapest Top-10 sights Video Travel Guide in 4K, with text info


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For your convenience, we have compiled a list of some of the more significant sights you can visit in the Hungarian capital! If you wish, you can skip to the one you want, following the time-code below the video!

00:00 Intro

00:12 1. Buda Castle

00:36 2. Hungarian Parliament

01:04 3. Fisherman’s Bastion

01:36 4. Christmas Markets

02:56 5. Danube Cruise

03:18 6. Széchenyi Chain Bridge

03:42 7. Dohány Street Synagogue

04:06 8. M1 Old Metro Line

04:29 9. German occupation memorial

04:58 10. Millenium Monument

For more Budapest videos, including the Christmas markets:

Here is the top-10 list with more details!

1. Buda Castle

Budavári Palota is the castle & palace Baroque area of the Hungarian kings. 

It offers panoramic city views.

2. Hungarian Parliament

    Országház  means House of the Nation. Completed in 1902 in neo-Gothic style,

96 meters high and 268 meters long. Open to public visits. 

3. Fisherman’s Bastion

Halászbástya fortification was completed in 1851. Neo-Romanesque terrace whose

towers symbolize the 7 founders of Hungary, in 895.

Matthias Church

Nagyboldogasszony-templom, Church of the Assumption of the Buda Castle is where the

1686 "Marian Miracle" of Buda occurred.

4. Christmas Markets

Fashion Street

 Deak Ferenc Street is a pedestrian shopping area, transformed at Christmas with

oversized illuminated decorations.

Saint Stephen

Advent market outside the Basilica, with seasonal food and shops.

 Saint Stephen’s Basilica

Szent István-bazilika completed in 1905, in honour of Stephen, first King of Hungary.

His right hand is kept in church.

Vorosmartry Square

 Vörösmarty tér is the main Christmas market. Big kitchens with food stands,

plenty of Glühwein & Kürtőskalács chimney cake!

5. Danube Cruise

Many agencies offer different river tours. You can choose either a simple tour or one

combined with dinner. Duration varies from one to more than 3 hours if live music is

included. Cruises usually include a welcome drink and headphones are provided, with

main spoken languages included. Departure point varies for each company, on the banks

of the River Danube. Most ships have an open deck so you can take photos

or admire the view.

6. Széchenyi Chain Bridge

 Széchenyi lánchíd took its name from the iron chains held by the two 48-meter pers. 

It was completed in 1849

7. Dohány Street Synagogue

 Dohány utcai zsinagóga was completed in 1859 with a capacity of 2,964.

You can also visit the graveyard, the Memorial & the Jewish Museum.

8. M1 Old Metro Line

Millennium Underground Railway M1 known as the small underground ("a kisföldalatti")

opened in 1896 for the thousandth anniversary of the Magyar's arrival

9. German Occupation memorial

  Controversial Memorial built in 2014 features a statue of the Archangel Gabriel,

attacked by an eagle that resembles a German coat of arms.

10. Millenium Monument

  Hősök tere - Heroes' Square features statues of the Seven chieftains of the Magyars

and other important Hungarian national leaders.