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Rome, Italy 4K with a GoPro in 16 minutes from www.bestravelvideo.com

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No one expects to cover the beauties of the Eternal City in 16 minutes!

It’s just a start.

We tried to keep it not really long.

Think of the video as a visual guide to what you can see when in Rome.

More that 140 clips were used in a fast way.

The titles are there on screen, to help you do any further search you wish for any landmark.

All content is shot with a GoPro Hero 10.

Occasionally ND filters from PolarPro (Shutter Collection) were used, to keep motion blur “natural”.

No gimball was used.

Only a small tripod or selfie stick for hyper lapses, always handheld.

After the completion of this video, GoPro came out with a new firmware update that gives a much better stability for slow walking handheld shots. (HERO10 Black update v1.20 December 15, 2021)

Perhaps we can show you how it works, in a future video, if you wish!

Content was shot in full 5.3K resolution but exported in 4K.

No extra stabilization has been applied in post production.

Daily noise that occasionally appears on sky or shadows, is due to an improper setting when ND was used.

(We were just trying to protect the highlights!)

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