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Ergon Agora East - video walkthrough to the new city food venue in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Located at the eastern city outskirts, on the road to the airport, ERGON Agora East opened in May 2021.

At 50 Leoforos Georgikis Scholis there is a big parking area before the super market entrance. Those familiar with Ergon can shop all food related products, including company ones, with the addition of a grocery, fish shop and wine corner among more. Exiting the food venue to the south, there is a big garden with a restaurant and a bar overlooking the Thermaic Gulf, under the familiar and much preferred umbrella of Jerry’s food truck, Vogatsikou3 and more.

Video shot with Samsung #S21 using #FilmicPro

in Log V2 8-bit at insane bitrate! (~500 Mbps)

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