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Kopaonik Ski Resort, Serbia

Kopaonik Копаоник Mountain Ski Resort, Serbia and Prokuplje 

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Kopaonik is a mountain range in the middle of Serbia with the highest point at an altitude of 2.017 meters.
It was known as the Silver Mountain in the past, hence the Serbian word for digging, kopati.
Naturally, it is the largest ski center in the country.
Ski slopes range to about 75 kilometers, usually covered with thick snow lasting almost half a year long.
You can enjoy night skiing at the resort.
24 Ski lifts and chairlifts can carry skiers at the top of the slopes by the thousands per hour.
Kopaonik became a national park in 1981.
Hotels and other tourist facilities can accommodate your stay.

Прокупље Prokuplje is a town of about 27.000 inhabitants you can visit on your way to the resort.
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