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Best of Venice, Italy fast tour attractions in 4K - UHD.

Follow us in a brief walk around Venice,  from Piazza San Marco to Rialto Bridge!

Madrid City Hall - Ayuntamiento de Madrid info and video in 4K.

Palacio de Cibeles inside - out.

Watch the video in 4K and enable subtitles for text info.
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The building was designed by Antonio Palacios.
It used to be the main office of the Spanish postal service, 
that is why it is known as Palacio de Comunicaciones (Communications Palace).
From the end of 2007 serves as the new Madrid City Hall.
You can visit free of charge the cultural centre called CentroCentro inside the palace.
Periodic exhibitions take place inside.
At specific hours, you can visit the rooftop paying a small fee.
At the time the video was recorded, 
the sign “refugees welcome” was still visible on top of the emblematic building.
Don’t omit to have a look at the Fuente de las Cibeles, the big fountain at the center of the square.

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