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SJ5000X Elite v. 1.4.4 firmware actioncam update guide and video samples

A new firmware update is available for SJ5000X Elite from June 2016 and we went on to try it. 

The version is 1.4.4


According to the official site changelog it
“1. Fixed the Bug of 'not save settings'
2. Fixed the Problem of 'PC CAMERA'”

We closed the camera and removed MicroSD card,
leaving the battery in the compartment.

We pasted the downloaded file to the formatted memory card
and inserted it in the camera.

The top blue light flashed upon powering on and the updated finished smoothly.

Always remember to bring back custom settings to your desire, after the reset.

But there is a new step to follow, after you delete the bin file.

Cover the lens with the provided white cover.

Create a new folder in the memory card naming it “engmode”.

You will see in a few seconds the message DP:PASSP

Then press the Ok button.

The official guide suggests that
“When you see ‘Please Power Off’, press the power button for 2 seconds and power off the camera . 

(if you wish, review in windows the log files text created at the memory card)

Delete the ‘engmode’ folder’’

That’s it! 

Go through the menu to verify the new firmware number 1.4.4-S Jun 20 2016

Now to some samples! 

The videos have not been altered in post-production in any way.

Here follow the main settings we used.
Resolution - 2k 30fps
FOV – 170
WDR – Off
Gyro Sensor – Off
Video File Format – MOV
Bitrate – High
Quality – Fine
Sharpness – Normal
Contrast – Low
White Balance – Auto
Color – Normal
ISO – 100
EV – (-1/3)
Distortion Correction - On