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Ouranoupolis to Mount Athos Chalkidiki: A guide to visiting Agion Oros.

Mount Athos peninsula region, although in Greece, is a small autonomous polity 
named “Autonomous Monastic State of the Holy Mountain”.

Only men are permitted to enter the monasteries and you need to get a written permit in advance.

The visitors permit is issued at Holy Community offices in Thessaloniki. 
Usually for every 10 Greeks or Orthodox, 1 foreigner will also get the limited days pass.

The trip starts at the small port of the village of Ouranoupolis.

Plan some free time to visit the village and the tower of Ouranoupolis on the way back.

Although the ship is a car ferry, cars are not allowed on Athos.

En route to Agion Oros you can have a good look at some of the monasteries.

Just by the beach can be seen various shipwright complexes, called Arsanas.

The ferryboat takes more than two hours to reach Dafni port.

From there you can get to the capital, Karyes.

Some prefer to walk the path with a view to Mount Athos.

Your permit always states the monastery you are staying in.

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