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Trip to lake Como, Italy Pt.2: 
The fastest way to travel by train from Milan Centrale to Bellagio (Varenna) with map and info.

Trip from Milano Centrale Railway Station to Varenna
might take only 64 minutes, depending on the train.

Trains to Varenna usually have as their final destination SONDRIO or TIRANO.

Most of the trains stop to Monza,
then continue to Lecco and Varenna Esino.

If you wish to visit Bellagio it is faster to follow this route.

Taking the train to Como and then continuing to Bellagio
might take more than double the time.

Ferry trip from Varenna to Bellagio is about 15 minutes long.
See our video 

On the way to Varenna, prefer to sit on the left side of the train
so you can have a better look at lake Como.

There are electrical outlets below the window at each seat row.

Driving the 73 Km distance will usually take you more time (75-90 min)
than the train speeding at about 130 Km/hour.

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