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Lake Como, Italy Pt.4: Varenna. A hidden gem overlooking Bellagio..

Lake Como, Italy Pt.4: Varenna. A hidden gem overlooking Bellagio.
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Just 60 Kilometers away north of Milan, on the shores of lake Como lies the small village of Varenna. 

No more than 1000 people inhabit it, which makes it an ideal place for relaxation.

The waterfront might leave you with a feeling of tranquility , if you prefer to hide away from Bellagio.

Trip from Milano Centrale Railway Station to Varenna
might take only 64 minutes, depending on the train.

Trains to Varenna usually have as their final destination

There is a frequent ferry schedule from Varenna to Bellagio. There is no need to book in advance and you can pay extra for a car transfer. 

The boats are small and operate  from sunrise to sunset. The trip takes about 15 minutes.

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Relax with some more photos from the picturesque village.