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Best of Venice, Italy fast tour attractions in 4K - UHD.

Follow us in a brief walk  around Venice,  from Piazza San Marco to Rialto Bridge!
For those wanting a faster than average external battery case,
we have reviewed the KiwiBird Battery Case Charger for Samsung Galaxy S6.



A 4000mAh built-in battery
gives your S6 up to 1.4 charges when needed.

Supports IR Blaster , NFC and quick charge functions.

It can charge the S6 phone and the power case simultaneously
through Micro USB cable without taking off the case.

There is no option for wireless charging
due to the size of the case.

The box contains a 4000mAh Battery Case,
a Micro USB cable, an earphone extension lead
and a user manual.

The box is designed with precise cutouts that allow getting access
to phone's all ports, switches, buttons, camera and other functions.

There is no camera vignetting.

It keeps original NFC and IR Blaster functions.

It is not compatible with S6 Edge(+) and S6 Active.

It is equipped with 4 LEDs power level indicator

Just take care to open slowly to avoid breaking!

If on, phone is always 100% charged,
until external battery is emptied.

This is acomplished due to Output: DC 5V/1.6A.

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