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How to drive to Paradise Beach 
Mykonos Greece (with map)

Paradise beach is undoubtedly one of the most famous in Mykonos. You can get there driving an asphalt road for about 6 kilometers from town. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, take the boat from Platys Gialos. (See video for water taxi stop)

and video for Mykonos KTEL Public Bus Station to the beach with ticket prices and schedules 

If you are departing from Mykonos town, in order to avoid narrow roads and parked cars, one good suggestion is to take the ring road shown at the top video. Just before the airport, follow the sign and turn right to Paradise. That is the same route to follow if you wish to go to Paraga or Scorpios beach, but you will have to exit right before the end of the route. 

Tropicana club.

Also have in mind that the narrow Mykonian roads leave no space for overspeeding and sometimes you might have to stop for the other car to pass from the opposite lane!

Paradise beach bars.

Evening party at Tropicana beach.

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