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Fokos Mykonos: The road to an unspoiled, secret beach 

where “Wog boy 2: Kings of Mykonos” was filmed.

General view of Fokos beach and tavern.

Part 1, Getting there.

Fokos is a sandy beach with clear waters  in the north of Mykonos. There is no public bus service and you will have to drive, with the last part being a dirt road. 

The dirt road is wide enough for two cars to drive through the opposite direction.

If you are feeling adventurous enough, there is a stable at Ano Mera from where you can rent  a horse ride to the beach!

The river leads to one of the two dams in Mykonos.
There you will be rewarded enjoying a meal at Fokos tavern.

The entrance to Fokos tavern.

Part 2. The beach where
 “Wog boy 2: Kings of Mykonos” was filmed.

Fokos is an unspoiled beach with clear waters  in the north of Mykonos, where you will find no sun beds or any organized water activities. 

View to the beach.

Part of the experience is Fokos tavern. Once well known for being  the set of the Kings of Mykonos movie, now famous for its meat and fish delicacies and homemade desserts.

Ever tasted Myconian prosciutto? Louza (Λούζα) its name, here as a salad with fresh figs!

Just have in mind that they do not serve after 7 in the evening!

Grilled crab with melted cheese.

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