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Ftelia Beach Myconos, Cyclades Greece. 
A relaxing beach with a different approach.

Beach view from the restaurant.


Part 1(road-map). How to get there.
Art detail overlooking Panormos.

Find your way to Ftelia beach, located in the inner part of Panormos gulf, Mykonos. Leaving the airport ring road, turn right to Mikonos - Ano Mera road. Half way to Ano Mera follow the sign and turn left down to Ftelia. The last part is a dirt road, so drive slowly! Just before the beach either turn right to Alemagou or left to Ftelia Castaway. For the northern part of Panormos beach bars you will have to drive a different road.  


Part 2. The beach, Castaway bar - restaurant. 

Some art exhibits are for sale.

Ftelia beach is located in the inner part of Panormos gulf, Mykonos. Years ago it was mostly known as a windy surfers paradise. Now, you can find a bar restaurant on each side.

Beach service is covered by the restaurant.

To the left part the beach is less crowed and more relaxed. There you can also find Ftelia Castaway restaurant overlooking the beach.


You won't find the expected sea beds and umbrellas at the beach!

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Part of the restaurant area seen from the beach, after sunset.