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Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro test part 3, optically stabilized. Chalkidiki, Greece, Sani.

 This time we shoot with a Canon optically stabilized camera. 1st walking by the beach, video is again fuzzy. On the 2nd part, video is first stabilized in Adobe cc using warp stabilizer, with auto settings. Due to heavy motion, it is downsized to 50%, leaving black around the screen. Therefore, it has to be zoomed to full screen again with a heavy picture loss. Only then speed can by applied. On the 3rd part,

Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro is used, again to our subjective look, with better - although not perfect - results. Whick do you prefer?

For more details, info and previous test check https://youtu.be/ikaW0fHqaNs & https://youtu.be/sCFsObE01UY.

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Χαλκιδική, Σάνη. Hyperlapse test.