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Best of Venice, Italy fast tour attractions in 4K - UHD.

Follow us in a brief walk  around Venice,  from Piazza San Marco to Rialto Bridge!

A roof garden pool with a view to Mount Olympus. The Met Hotel Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Met Hotel Thessaloniki is a 5 star hotel close to the city center ( , overlooking Thermaikos bay. Its outdoor swimming pool has a great view over the city and the harbor, enabling you to swim looking at Mt. Olympus to the far front. The pool is also open to non-hotel residents, with a different price policy on weekdays and weekends. There is also a safe underground parking area. The swimming pool has a variable depth, ranging from 1.30 - 2.30 meters. It is a great place to relax and enjoy couple of drinks gazing at the sunset, since the pool closes before the last daylight. Finally, if you are looking for a best hotel deal in booking a thessaloniki hotel, or a cheap car rental, have a look at the traffic you will meet driving in streets like V.olgas, Tsimiski, L. Nikis, M. Alexandrou. ( ) or view our Thessaloniki channel to gaze through the historic sights of Salonica ( )

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Underwater video shot with a go-pro hero.





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