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Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro part 2. Standard vs. advanced processing. 
Fast or Smooth? Check the difference.

The first part is shot with a Samsung S5, at a higher bit-rate than the second and third part. Once again it is encoded with Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro, but only with standard, faster processing. The second and third part is shot with a GoPro Hero, encoded again with Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro, but this time with the advanced smoothing option. To our subjective look the latter is more eye pleasing, then it depends on what you wish to achieve. Also note that, at least on Samsung Galaxy S5, you can use the Hyperlapse Mobile app to export without a watermark but in 1280x720 and at a lower bit-rate. (about 9000 Kbps at 30 fps).
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Videos are recorded along Thessaloniki's old and new waterfront and the city's main square, Aristotelous.
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